Our Core Values

High Quality

Our ingredients are delicately sourced with both time and care by using the highest standards and regulations possible.


It is our job as humans to protect this wonderful planet we live on. We practice all acts of sustainability possible.

CommunityWe value the connections we’ve made within this wonderful community and want to continue to grow + nourish them.


Creativity is in our blood. It’s why Savor exists in the first place. We are constantly finding new ways to innovate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Chef Collin was born the year of the Rooster. I think he is shaped like a rooster, barrel chested, skinny legs, no butt. “Moody” is a name that was given to him in 2006 when he was a chef at La Botte restaurant, in Santa Monica, by a Sicilian waiter named Antonio. Antonio entered the kitchen at the start of one of his shifts and greeted Chef Collin. At that moment Collin did not hear him as he was busily working and in a zone. The waiter, with his great sense of humor said, “chef, ah you moody?” (from then on he was a.k.a Moody). He came home and shared the story with me and I instantly said, “you’re the moody rooster, that will be the name of our restaurant one day.” Well, 11 years later that became a reality, and we just so happen to open the year of the Rooster, August 29, 2017. The name suits the restaurant because our dishes are determined by the mood of the season and what Chef is in the mood to create.
-Vicki Crannell

We use Santa Monica Seafood. Chef Collin has had a relationship with the V.P of sales for almost 20 years. Chef Collin always asks for the highest quality, wild or sustainably farmed seafood.

Sometimes, it is. In addition to wild, we offer “certified sustainable” seafood options. We adhere to the practices of the Monterey Bay Aquarium guidelines.

Our meat comes from Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision, Inc and West Coast Prime Meats. All meats are sustainable, well fed and cared for, no antibiotics. We use Bakersfield Santa Carota Beef (grass raised carrot finished). Our organic chicken comes from Mary’s.

Yes, we use our sourdough starter named “Doughra.” She was born in March of 2017.

Yes we offer indoor and patio dining. Reservations are highly recommended, book online or give us a call.

Yes, you can come in to purchase, or we can take your information, process, and mail out.

We have a full bar.

No, we make freshly squeezed lemonade, iced tea, Arnold Palmers, and seasonal sparkling fruit drinks.

We offer pickup only. Please call the restaurant to order, our menu is listed online.